A Pledge Renewed For Generations: The Jewish Future Pledge Becomes The Jewish Future Promise


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Alan Dershowitz, Lawyer, Law Professor and Author Signs On To Support And Endorse The Jewish Future Promise 

Modi Rosenfeld Joins The List of Notable Jewish Signers Releasing New Video Campaign 

ATLANTA (February 6, 2024) – To enhance its mission and outreach, the Jewish Future Pledge (JFP) has announced its new name and becomes The Jewish Future Promise. This name change marks a strategic expansion of the organization’s vision, emphasizing a universally accessible and deeply moral commitment to perpetuate the rich tapestry of Jewish narratives, principles, and cultural heritage.

In marking the occasion, JFP also announced that lawyer, law professor and, author, Alan Dershowitz has endorsed and has become a signer of the Jewish Future Promise. Dershowitz, has spent his career protecting the Jewish faith and battling antisemitism.

“The time has come for Jewish donors to prioritize Jewish charitable giving, especially to groups that support Israel and fight antisemitism,” said Alan Dershowitz. “I have prioritized my giving to United Hatzalah, a volunteer emergency medical service that treats Jewish, Muslim and Christian Israelis alike. If we ourselves are not for Israel and the Jewish people, who will be?”

“The Jewish Future Promise is our collective defiance of fear, an emblem of unity that stands unyielded in the face of any challenge,” added Dershowitz. “It’s a symbol that extends beyond charity; it’s a commitment to education, advocacy, and community solidarity. This promise we take is deeply personal; it affirms our unwavering dedication to our heritage, people, and homeland. In signing, we are laying down a promise, a covenant, that ensures our Jewish legacy is not just remembered, but lived and cherished, generation after generation. Individual Jews and Jewish family foundations have been among the most generous contributors to universities, cultural institutions, and general charities. Jewish philanthropists should continue to support general institutions, especially medical and social ones that are essential to good health, but for now – when the Jewish community and the Jewish state are in crisis – they should also focus on the first of Rabbi Hillel the Elder’s admonitions; we must not neglect ourselves and our own charitable institutions.”

“Alan’s endorsement of The Jewish Future Promise at this pivotal moment reflects a powerful testament to his enduring commitment to the Jewish heritage,” proclaimed Mike Leven, the founder of JFP. “His signature illuminates our community’s growth, approaching 50,000 devoted signers. This surge of support encapsulates our collective resolve to preserve the essence of our Jewish identity. As we transition to The Jewish Future Promise, with the advocacy of distinguished leaders like Alan, we reaffirm our unwavering dedication to the continuity and vitality of Jewish culture and values for future generations.”

To celebrate JFP’s name change, Jewish actor and comedian Modi Rosenfeld, who recently signed as JFP’s 40,000th signer, released a pair of videos to help raise awareness and encourage people to sign the Jewish Future Promise. Modi adds his influential voice to the chorus of other prominent signers, including influential Jewish leaders such as Noa Tishby, Rabbi David Wolpe, Leon Cooperman, Bernie Marcus, Paul Singer, Harold Grinspoon, and Charles Bronfman.

JPF is a powerful response to a 2017 study that found a mere 11% of donations from key Jewish benefactors were invested in Jewish causes. The Jewish Future Promise is a catalyst for change and through its efforts, JFP has created an alliance of philanthropic family foundations, individuals, and families to secure over $2.75 billion in commitments to various Jewish causes.

About The Jewish Future Promise
The Jewish Future Promise (JFP) is a visionary global initiative dedicated to preserving and enriching the Jewish heritage for future generations. The Promise asks signers to make a moral commitment; if any charitable contributions are made upon passing, whether it be $10 or $10 million, at least half will support Jewish causes and/or the State of Israel. JFP is embraced by notable philanthropists including Bernie Marcus and Charles Bronfman, who pledged to direct their estate’s philanthropic gifts toward Jewish and Israel-focused causes. Extending its reach, JFP also inspires young adults, through the Jewish Youth Promise for 13- to 24-year-olds, to pledge lifelong engagement with the Jewish community. JFP’s impactful work is supported through partnerships with major Jewish organizations, including the Jewish Federations of North America, JNF-USA, Israel Bonds, the Orthodox Union, and a host of local federations across the United States. For more information, please visit, www.jewishfuturepromise.org.

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