Mrs. Rabinowitz’s advice column is like a warm bowl of matzo ball soup for your soul – soothing and satisfying.

Dear Mrs. Rabinowitz: I’m a 26 year old single female. What’s the first thing I should look for in a man?

MR: A yarmulke. (I mean this is a Jewish advice column. What do you expect me to tell you — go look for somebody that rides in the rodeo?)

Dear Mrs. Rabinowitz: I’m worried about what the world will be like for my grandchildren and future generations of Jews. Anything I can do?

MR: Yes — you can go online and sign something called The Jewish Future Promise — a cost free way to ensure that Jewish identity, traditions, and values remain strong in the future. Alternatively, you could be like my sister-in-law Seydel Gold and sit on your tuchos all day doing nothing.