Pledger Spotlight: Carolyn Siegel

Pledger Spotlight: Carolyn Siegel Encino, CA Tell us about your organization, If You Heard What I Heard When I was 8 years old, my grandfather, Moses Locker, a Holocaust survivor, told me: “Carolyn, it will be the job of your generation to make sure the world never forgets.” I was taken aback as a young […]

Message From Our Founder

The Jewish Future Promise is the best way to secure a vibrant Jewish future for generations to come.

Expiration Date?

Uncovering the struggle of today’s Jewish community: Rising antisemitism, misconceptions about Israel, and the urgent need for support and action.

Quantifying the Pledge

Quantifying the Pledge Unprecedented Milestone Achieved: The Jewish Future Pledge Secures 25,000 Pledges, Surpassing $2.4 billion that has been Earmarked to Help Preserve Jewish Legacy for Future Generations Today, marks a major milestone for the Jewish Future Pledge (JFP). Demonstrating a powerful wave of commitment to Jewish values, traditions, and the State of Israel, the Jewish Future […]

Mort Klein Pledge

In marking a milestone for the Jewish Future Pledge (JFP), Morton “Mort” Klein, the President of the Zionist Organization of America (ZOA), has become the 25,000th person to take the pledge. With a steadfast commitment to preserving Jewish heritage and advancing the causes he holds dear; Klein’s dedication is an example of the power of intergenerational conversations about the impact of the Jewish Future Pledge.

Jewish Youth Promise

The Jewish Youth Promise is a first-of-its-kind global initiative geared towards teens and young adults ages 13-24. Join us to learn more!

Signer Spotlight: Doug Ross

Signer Spotlight: Doug Ross Doug Ross serves as Vice Chair of Birthright Israel Foundation, a partner organization of the Jewish Youth Pledge. How do the missions of the Pledge and Birthright Israel align? The Pledge is an idea whose time has come. The Pledge and Birthright Israel are both trying to raise the collective consciousness […]

Signer Spotlight: Bernie and Joan White

Signer Spotlight: Bernie and Joan White Share your unique approach to endowment-based giving As the well-worn saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.” We wanted our giving legacy to be actionable. For this reason, our three children participate on the committee for the endowment we established through the Dallas Jewish Community Foundation. The “Joan and Bernard White Jewish […]

Signer Spotlight: Jane Schiff, Greater Naples

Signer Spotlight: Jane Schiff Why is it important to give Jewishly? I have always understood the need to take care of Jews, because no one else will take care of us. People will give to universities, hospitals, art museums, and theaters… but nobody takes care of the Jews other than the Jews themselves. I was […]