Signer Spotlight: Jackie Goldstein, Atlanta

Signer Spotlight: Jackie Goldstein, Atlanta Why did you take the Jewish Future Pledge? During COVID, I think we were frightened and thinking about our own mortality. That time was sobering, but in hindsight, lockdown gave me the luxury of downtime to really look at my legacy. The more I got into it, the more I […]

Signer Spotlight: Ken Chaim Fink, Minnesota/Israel

Signer Spotlight: Ken Chaim Fink, Minnesota/Israel Why did you sign the Pledge? It’s so simple and such an easy “yes.” It’s a way for people to engage in a conversation about purpose and legacy in a non-threatening, but powerful way. You want to look backwards so you can reach forward, and the Pledge helps us […]

Signer Spotlight: Ana Sazonov, Columbia/South Carolina

Signer Spotlight: Ana Sazonov Columbia, South Carolina Tell us about your volunteer mission to Ukraine through the Jewish Federations of North America A native Ukrainian, I initially feared my country might disappear and that like my Jewish ancestors, my identity could be thrown into question. I saw articles about Holocaust survivors not making it through […]

Signer Spotlight: Isaac Frank, Atlanta

Signer Spotlight: Isaac Frank and the Frank Family What is one Jewish value you carry with you in your daily life? Most central to us is Tikkun Olam – repairing the world. It is important to do good every day, not only for the Jewish community, but for anyone in need. Overall, for us, Jewish values serve […]

Signer Spotlight: Nathan Bushnell, South Africa

Signer Spotlight: Nathan Bushnell What does Judaism contribute to your life, and what steps have you taken to engage with the Jewish community? I grew up in Durban, a coastal city in South Africa with a small yet mighty Jewish population. For me, Judaism served as a moral compass and created a sense of belonging. […]

Signer Spotlight: Joe Goldblatt, Scotland

Signer Spotlight: Joe Goldblatt What does Jewish identity mean to you? Once, a reporter asked my father, a first-generation Jewish American, “Do you see yourself as an American, a Texan, or something else?” He responded, “I see myself as a Jew. Judaism is a universal type of identity; wherever I travel, whatever country I claim […]