Jewish Youth Promise Hits Milestone With Over 20,000 Promises: Ushering In A New Era Of Jewish Engagement And Identity


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Jewish Youth Promise Hits Milestone With Over 20,000 Promises: Ushering In A New Era Of Jewish Engagement And Identity

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Empowering the Next Generation: How JYP is Strengthening Jewish Heritage and Community Bonds Through its Innovative Platform

ATLANTA (March 11, 2024) — The Jewish Youth Promise (JYP), a pioneering effort to strengthen ties between Jewish youth organizations and their alums, announced today that it has surpassed its 20,000th youth promiser. This signals a powerful milestone in the organization’s innovative approach. It incorporates self-reflective letters stored in a time capsule, captures hearts and minds, and reaffirms JYP’s pivotal role in building a connection between young Jewish individuals and the timeless values of their Jewish cultural and religious legacy.

The Jewish Youth Promise, an initiative of The Jewish Future Promise, was created to further the goals of The Jewish Future Promise by inspiring and educating the next generation of Jewish community members by making available to organizations a free platform to help nurture alum engagement and to create an unforgettable shared experience, fortifying a lifelong relationship between organizations and promisers.

“As we celebrate reaching 20,000 youth promises, we see it not just as a number but as a testament to the vibrant spirit of a generation ready to redefine our shared heritage,” said Mike Leven, founder of the Jewish Future Promise. “This milestone reflects our youth’s eagerness to carry forward the torch of Jewish life and culture, affirming our commitment to preserving our traditions in the face of rising antisemitism and assimilation challenges. These promises are beacons of hope, ensuring that Jewish identity remains vibrant and enduring.”

JYP is committed to deepening participants’ connection to their heritage and community, offering immersive programs by top Jewish educators to explore and strengthen Jewish identity. Participants promise to embrace Jewish values, documenting their goals in digital letters to their future selves, accompanied by a candid photo marking the start of their journey. These moments are preserved in a digital time capsule, with participants receiving reminders every two years and revisiting their letters every five years for 20 years, ensuring a lasting bond with their commitment.

“The Jewish Youth Promise aims to inspire Jewish pride and solidarity, inviting Jews from all walks of life to safeguard the future of Judaism and Jewish culture,” said Josh May, a member of the AEPi fraternity and one of the dedicated 20,000 youth promisers. Josh is an undergraduate senior and hospitality business major at Michigan State University who claims, “We can build a safer, more inclusive future for Jewish students on campuses and beyond. Our ancestors faced adversity with courage, and so must we, proclaiming ‘Never forget and never again’ with one voice. Through my involvement with JYP, I’ve been given a unique platform to express my commitment to Judaism in a meaningful way.”

“The alarming resurgence of antisemitism, particularly on college campuses, demands a robust and immediate response. Jewish students are facing an unprecedented wave of hostility, which not only challenges our identity but also blurs the lines between political critique and outright antisemitic attacks. This situation underscores the dire need for decisive action to protect our community and uphold our values,” added Leven.

The Jewish Youth Promise has gained support from prominent Jewish organizations, including Taglit-Birthright Israel, BBYO, NCSY, Masa Israel Journey, JNF, Young Judaea, AEPi, Prizmah, Olami, Foundation for Jewish Camp, and the Union of Reform Judaism.

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About The Jewish Youth Promise
The Jewish Youth Promise is a dedicated initiative to empower Jewish youth to take ownership of their Jewish identity, encouraging them to make a meaningful commitment to the Jewish community. The program encourages Jewish teenagers and young adults aged 13-24 to write personal statements about the role they want Judaism to play in their lives, which are stored in a secure online time capsule. Participants receive a reminder of their promise every two years, along with a copy of their promise on significant anniversaries, as a tangible reminder of their commitment and a source of inspiration to continue making a positive impact on the Jewish world. The Jewish Youth Promise, an initiative of The Jewish Future Promise, works in tandem to foster the preservation of the worldwide Jewish community by engaging in meaningful action that supports the Jewish people and the State of Israel. For more information on the Jewish Youth Promise and the Jewish Future Promise, visit and

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