The Jewish Future Promise is the best way to secure a vibrant Jewish future for generations to come.

I still remember where I was on November 29, 1947, when my family and I heard about Israel’s UN establishment on the radio. My grandfather, holding back happy tears, said to me: “We have a home.” To me, those words symbolize more than the formal birth of the State of Israel, but an enduring hope and resiliency for the Jewish people.

This hope inspired me to live Jewishly and be a relentless advocate for the Jewish people, and has always been top of mind during my career and decades of philanthropic efforts. The desire to ensure my people always have a home lies at the core of both the Jewish Future Promise and the Jewish Youth Promise, two initiatives I created in 2020 with the mission to preserve our heritage and ensure a vibrant Jewish future for generations to come.

The Jewish Future Promise encourages family conversations about the Jewish values and traditions you love and the legacy you want to leave. It is not a fundraiser; all we ask is a signature, and each signature represents a promise to ensure a vibrant Jewish future, in addition to a symbolic, moral commitment to support Jewish organizations and the State of Israel.

The Jewish Youth Promise offers a free, unique solution for organizations aiming to inspire young Jews between the ages of 13-24. It acts as a bridge, guiding youth towards a lifelong journey of Jewish commitment and involvement, and fostering a profound connection to Jewish heritage, traditions, and community during a time when more and more young Jews are becoming disconnected from their Jewish identities.

Today, as antisemitism is on a global rise, we must do our part to support the worldwide Jewish community as well as the State of Israel. I invite you to join me in making the Jewish Future Promise today. Starting with a signature, it is upon our collective efforts to ensure that our legacy lives on, and that the Jewish people and the Jewish homeland of Israel endure for all future generations.

Mike Leven, Founder, The Jewish Future Promise and Jewish Youth Promise