Securing a Jewish future takes a community. We are deeply grateful to our partners across the country for helping us advance our mission and ensure vibrant life continues for generations to come.

“Many of our clients find the connection to their values and faith to be a powerful influencer on their giving decisions. Our collaboration with the Jewish Future Promise provides an evergreen framework, helping donors to make their vision for a better, more resilient future a reality.”

Melanie Schnoll Begun – Head, Philanthropy Management, Morgan Stanley

“JFNA sees our partnership with the Jewish Future Promise as an extension of our mission to continue building the culture of legacy giving so that the next generation may inherit strong, vibrant Jewish communities that generations before made possible for us. Together, we can make a profound impact on the future of the Jewish world.”

David T Brown – JFNA National Campaign Chair

“The future of our Jewish people needs all of us to take a leadership role as our parents and grandparents have done before us. Jewish National Fund USA is proud to partner with the Jewish Future Promise, as together we mobilize our Jewish people to continue to build for the generations yet unborn. The Family is the most important unit and our Jewish future is based on talking together with our children and grandchildren about our destiny and the greatest movement in the history of the world: the Jewish People. Make your Jewish future promise. Tomorrow depends upon it.”

Russell Robinson – CEO at Jewish National Fund

“As Alpha Epsilon Pi, we never hesitate to step up as leaders.  The Jewish community needs our leadership more than ever before.  That is why AEPi is proudly supporting the Jewish Future Promise.  Together, let’s help build a movement to secure our future by signing the Jewish Future Promise.”

Jeffrey H. Jacobson – 74th International President of Alpha Epsilon Pi

“This promise underscores our commitment to Jewish values and continuity. We must act now to secure our Jewish future. As Max Fisher said, ‘”We are all trustees of our Jewish heritage… with an obligation to cherish it, improve it, and guard its future.”’ This partnership speak to our shared values and the vision of Fisher Flight. We hope others in the Flight Family will join us.”

David and Helen Zalik – Fisher Flight Alum, Flight 11

“The pairing of Israel Bonds with the Jewish Future Promise is a natural fit. After all, Israel Bonds was founded by David Ben-Gurion precisely to help secure Israel’s future, and the destiny of the Jewish people is inexorably connected to the Jewish state. Israel Bonds is proud to join with the Jewish Future Promise, its partner organizations and promise-takers throughout the world in assuring a promising path forward for coming generations.”

Dani Naveh – President and CEO of Israel Bonds

“With the largest intergenerational wealth transfer in history currently underway, Atlanta Jewish Foundation is proud to participate in the Jewish Future Promise. Our leadership is extremely pleased with the success that we have experienced in Atlanta so far. We are thrilled to support members of our community in this opportunity to solidify their legacies and spark family conversations regarding why the Jewish future matters.”

Beth Paradies – Chair of the advisory board of Atlanta Jewish Foundation

“We feel privileged to be partnering with The Jewish Future Promise.  It is vital that those of us who care about our legacies and Jewish life make sure that our Jewish community  –locally, around the world, and in Israel—  is strong for generations to come and the Jewish Future Promise will give us the tools and language to have these discussions with members of our Birmingham Jewish community in a meaningful way.”

Rodney Barstein – JFP Chair for the Birmingham Foundation

“The Houston Jewish Community is pleased to partner with the Jewish Future Promise to advance our community’s commitment to legacy giving and to ensure a vibrant Jewish future in Houston, in Israel and around the world.”

Esther Polland – Co-chair of Jewish Future Promise program

“The Jewish Future Promise secures the financial future of the Jewish people. It ensures our values and wisdom endure for generations. For centuries, Jews have risen to the challenge to secure the future for those who come after us. This is our moment to establish a legacy of hope—-for our children, our community, and our world. Your promise will help lead the way. Suellen and I have made ours, and we invite you to join us in making yours as part of the Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas’ powerful partnership with the Jewish Future Promise.”

A. J. Rosmarin – Immediate Past Board Chair, Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas

“The Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation is proud to partner with the Jewish Future Promise. Our goals are the same: to secure the Jewish future FOREVER. Our partnership makes it easy for those in South Palm Beach County to ensure that a strong Jewish community is part of their legacy.”

Laurence I. Blair –  Jacobson Jewish Community Foundation Chairman

“The Foundation of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation is pleased to partner with the Jewish Future Promise. This visionary collaboration will help us create a lasting legacy to support future generations of Jews. It will enable us to accomplish our strategic priorities and continue the task of what many of us have dedicated our lives to do – assure the current and future well-being of the Jewish people.”

Steve Foldes – Chair, Foundation of the Greater Miami Jewish Federation

“By signing this promise, I can help make the future world a better, kinder, and more equitable place with whatever dollars remain in our estate, following a lifetime of caring for, supporting, and helping to lead many Jewish organizations. The partnership between our Jewish Federation and Foundation of Greater MetroWest NJ and the Jewish Future Promise is a ‘no brainer,’ as we work together to help secure the future of our Jewish community here in Greater MetroWest”

Steve Levy – President, Jewish Community Foundation of Greater MetroWest NJ

“The Orthodox Union is proud to partner with the Jewish Future Promise on this important endeavor. The vibrancy of tomorrow’s Jewish community is of paramount importance, and this Jewish Future Promise is a wonderful effort to support future generations of our fellow Jews.”

Moishe Bane –  President, Orthodox Union

“Our work today is solely focused on building a strong Jewish future. This can only be accomplished with forethought and the philanthropic generosity of our community, both now and going forward. Together, through the Jewish Future Promise, our community will see the fruits of its labor blossom in our children and grandchildren.”

Marc Blattner –  President and CEO, Jewish Federation of Greater Portland

“The Tidewater Jewish Foundation is thrilled to partner with the Jewish Future Promise. As we work every day to create a more involved Jewish community, our eye is always toward the future. By supporting our members in giving to the Jewish causes they hold dear, together, we are making a long-term investment in the future of the Jewish people.”

Jody Wagner – Tidewater Jewish Foundation Board of Trustees Chairperson

“Through the Jewish Future Promise, we have an opportunity to write the next chapter of the Jewish story in our community in Toronto and around the world. It sparks important philanthropic conversations and sends a powerful message about the responsibility we all share in ensuring a strong and vibrant Jewish future.”

Keith Ray – Chair, Jewish Foundation of Greater Toronto

“As stewards of our community’s resources, it is incumbent upon us to promote and facilitate legacy giving as a cornerstone of tzedakah. Through our work with individuals and families, we lay the foundation for a resilient and thriving Jewish future, characterized by generosity, compassion, and a desire to fulfill our sacred mission of Tikkun Olam – repairing the world – one promise at a time.”

Megan Hyman – President & CEO Dallas Jewish Community Foundation

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