Quantifying the Pledge

Unprecedented Milestone Achieved: The Jewish Future Pledge Secures 25,000 Pledges, Surpassing $2.4 billion that has been Earmarked to Help Preserve Jewish Legacy for Future Generations

Today, marks a major milestone for the Jewish Future Pledge (JFP). Demonstrating a powerful wave of commitment to Jewish values, traditions, and the State of Israel, the Jewish Future Pledge (JFP) has garnered to date, 25,000 pledges. The pledges, made by an alliance of philanthropic family foundations, individuals, and families, represent an extraordinary commitment of just over $2.4 billion that has been set aside to help ensure a vibrant Jewish future. 

The Jewish Future Pledge (JFP) has collected 25,000 individual pledges, each estimated to be $25,000. This amounts to a total of just over $625 million. Additionally, there are 41 substantial pledges from prominent family and charitable foundations. When these pledges are included, the funds set aside for Jewish causes, or the State of Israel increase to $2.446 billion.

Research indicates that individuals typically leave an average of $50,000 to charity in their estate plans. However, through JFP, each pledger has committed to allocating half their planned charitable contributions to support Jewish causes or the State of Israel. This equates to an average of $25,000 per pledge.

Considering the 41 family and charitable foundations that have joined the pledge, the total pledged endowment increases dramatically. On average, these foundations have pledged to designate 30-40% of their assets to supporting Jewish causes of the State of Israel. Notable foundations include the Charles & Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation and the Marcus Foundation, raising the total pledged amount to $2.446 billion.

Generational wealth transfer plays a pivotal role in the sustainability of nonprofit organizations. By designating funds through legacy gifts, pledgers are providing vital resources that can support educational programs, community development, social services, and cultural initiatives. The infusion of funds ensures that crucial organizations will continue to thrive and carry out their mission, fostering a vibrant and strong Jewish community. The power of generational wealth transfer and legacy gifts cannot be understated; it is the driving force behind the long-term sustainability of nonprofit organizations and the preservation of Jewish heritage. 

Crossing 25,000 pledges signals that there is a shared commitment to nurturing a vibrant Jewish future and passing down the Jewish values of Tzedakah from older to younger generations. As pledgers set aside funds for Jewish causes or Israel, they are actively investing in the education, leadership, and well-being of future generations and often inspiring other members of their immediate families to do the same. 

JFP and its partners are futureproofing and preserving Jewish heritage and traditions, in an age where cultural identities risk being diluted and forgotten. This watershed moment serves to fortify Jewish heritage against such a fate. The Jewish Future Pledge has shown that when united under a shared vision, humanity can safeguard and strengthen its cultural legacies, ensuring their vibrancy and relevance for future generations.

“This is not merely an impressive statistic; it is a testament to the power of collective commitment, a declaration of faith in the future,” said JFP founder Mike Leven. “It is a promise that Jewish heritage, traditions, and the State of Israel will continue to flourish, nurtured by the generosity and foresight of those who dared to make a difference.”

“With each of these 25,000 pledges, we are creating a legacy that resonates through time, fostering a strong and vibrant Jewish future,” said JFP President Hadara Ishak. “This is not just a financial commitment; it’s a statement of faith in the enduring power of our heritage, ensuring that the values and traditions that define us will continue to flourish and inspire.”

The impact of the Jewish Future Pledge goes beyond the tangible dollars pledged. It serves as a powerful inspiration for others within the Jewish community to consider legacy giving and the enduring impact of their philanthropy. The 25,000 pledges set a remarkable example and will encourage more individuals and families to join the mission, and to pledge to leave what they are able – whether it is $10 or $10 million. With each pledge, we celebrate the continuity of shared values and the enduring spirit of philanthropy that sustains us all.